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Anyone using "Bodymovin" html5 animation with Webflow?

I found this interesting plug-in to use with Adobe After Effects called “bodymovin”. It allows to create animation out of After Effects that are using svg. I am not a programmer, not do I understand much. But in the end in renders an html file and a data.json.
How do I put an animation html5 inside weblow?
Here is the link to Bodymovin:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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verrryy interesting.

Wait wait wait, you can create an after effects animation using shapes and render it as an html5 animation?! :scream:


Apparently this website was made using this technology with After Effects:

I have been using After Effects for 20 years… I would love to use this process, but I don’t understand how to proceed.
Net magazine on page 44 talks about it:


So I contacted the person who did create this awesome code on Github:

His name is Hernan Torrisi and he was kind to do a quick test with Webflow. Here is the link:

From my understanding, it has to be published in order to work.


Wow the site is like an interactive cartoon! OMG it is awesome!

Great share. My mind just exploded from the posted samples.

Interesting but cartoon like kills it for me. Im sure it has its place int he vast web. Reminds me a lot of a cartoon network flash game like Total Drama Island.

I’m getting Flash feelings about this :grinning:

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