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Lotti Animations - In Nav bar (Class interaction issues)

Hey Everyone,

I have googled and looked on this fourm for this issue and noticed other reports of it with no good answer.

I have a lotti animation in a Nav bar as the hamburger sign

I want the interaction to work on all pages (nav bar is obviously on every page)

For this to happen i need the lotto animation to interact with the class of the lotti animation not the selected element.

The trigger on class seems to work perfectly fine, but when i switch the interaction with lotti to class it breaks and does nothing when the button is pressed.

Do i need to custom code this or am i doing something wrong

Here is my read-only link

I managed to fix this.

I had to have the interaction on the Lotti itself. I could no use its parent to get things started even using correct classes while targeting.

This still seems like it would be a bug because this works on other items.
Either way hopefully this helps someone

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