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Mouse click interaction not functioning

Hi all, This one has really got me baffled, I’ve never had a problem with a simple mouse click interaction before but for some reason, this has caught me out. (i also could be missing something obvious)

In my project, i have a div block that contains a heading and a lottie, and when the whole div is clicked, it’s supposed to bring out a side menu on the right hand side of the screen. When i preview it in the interactions menu, it works pretty well, but when i preview the whole website, it just doesn’t work at all?

The project is something i’ve started today and is still pretty barebones, i just wanted to start with things that can be placed into the rest of the site without having to worry about it further down the line.

Here is the read-only - Webflow - William's Amazing Project

Any help would be super valuable, cheers!

Bump. I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to get my head around it, still luck :frowning:

fixed it, loading screen interaction didn’t get hidden properly so it was still ‘covering’ the button to be clicked

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