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Lost work. Any help appreciated

Hello WebFlow community.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post what is more of a technical support question, but I couldn’t find a ‘Contact Us’ link on the WebFlow site so I’m posting here for general guidance and feedback.

I’ve been creating a sample website, but I seem to have lost most of my work. I was building off of a template to test out the CMS functions, and upon my most recent visit to the project I noticed that although the preview of the site in my dashboard shows an accurate thumbnail, when I get into the layout builder the website is pretty much empty. Just my header shows up. The ‘live’ version of the site also shows only the header, but the thumbnail continues to show the full design.

Has anyone run into anything like before? Any tips on how I might be able to save my design, or do I most likely need to re-create from the template again from scratch?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

The contact is

That’s weird.

First have you tried going to the site settings, Backup tab, and restore a save point that seems ideal for you?

Can you go, try this, and come back?

Thanks Vincent! I appreciate the support email, and your recommendation worked just fine.

I was able to back-up to a point where the core structure of the page is back in place. I’m obviously a pretty new user. Wasn’t even aware that back-ups were automatically created for us. That is a great feature to have in place.

I’m still not sure what caused the issue (user error, or some very rare bug), but you saved me a lot of time.


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Very very glad you could retrieve your work.

So now that you’re a bit chilly, you can abuse of the SHIFT+S combo. Do it in the designer so that you can NAME some important milestones backup. If that make you feel better, well use it. I use it as often as I can. I had one or two WTF moments like you just had, hard to know what happened.

To chill the things out a bit, in 2 years I have never heard of someone losing a lot of work on Webflow. There was this guy who previewed a backup point and started to work from there, forgetting it was a read-only preview, worked for an afternoon and obviously lost everything. I may or may not have been this guy…

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@vincent The last paragraph made me laugh a lot. That is very funny. :wink::+1:

Haha… got a good laugh out of me as well. Well done. :+1:

Thanks again for the help and the quick response!

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