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Looping Slider Help

Hello !

I’m trying to implement a looping slider with some logos on it but there is a large space that appears at the end of my slides.

Ideally I’d like it to loop such that the last slide is followed by the first. I’m not sure if I explained it correctly but if you check out my read only link you could get more insight

I am also open to other ways to do this , any suggestions / solutions are welcome !
Appreciate the help!

Ps. The slider is on the service page template so please click on any one of the services from the home page. Thanks !


I can’t find the slider :slight_smile:

hey! thanks for checking it out

The slider is located under the cms collection pages. I am building it into the “services template”


Thanks for sharing. take A look on the attach video - hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the video ! Although , I was wondering how I could do it at full width rather than 80% width.

Also I noticed you had duplicated the number of slides many more times, I only have 11 logos to showcase is there any way to do it without using more slides than I need?