Car Logos Slider Help

Hi, I’m working on a site for an auto repair shop. I want to display the logos of various car manufacturers that they will work on. What I came up with is to do it as sort of a slow-moving marquee of the images, all 60x45px. I created a slider, made the slides all 60x45 and the slider the width of the page. If this is not ideal it’s not written in stone, I am willing to learn.

Can someone help me make the slides move to the left at a slow pace like a marquee, with no large space between the end and beginning? And/or also suggest a better way to display so many logos?

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I use an great app company called elfsight for these sort of functions in webflow, see one I made in action here…
If you don’t mind using embed code and not native webflow designed components then they are totally awesome.

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I’ll check it out, thanks! Can you tell me what is the widget that you used to make that?

Edit: Found it. It’s perfect, thank you so much.

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Pleasure, glad it’s a good fit for you.