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Looping animations

This has come up a few times for me recently and I can’t quite understand when ‘loop’ does and doesn’t work on an interaction - I’m wondering if anyone can have a look at this example for me:

Obviously just a test… all that should happen at the moment is the card on the right appears, waits a while, and then disappears. I intended to make this loop, and eventually have all three of them doing this repeatedly in a staggered fashion - so the last ‘wait’ would be a lot longer, but leaving like this so you can see quicker that it doesn’t loop :stuck_out_tongue:

Screenshot of interaction panel in case diagnosis is obvious (it also has initial state of 0% opacity and scale 0.78):

Any help much appreciated.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I fixed it. I had a 0ms transition time associated with the second scale and removing that made it loop. Not quite sure what that’s about but maybe jarring with the 1000ms part? IDK. If anyone has learnt any general rules about this I’d still be very interested.

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