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Animation not looping properly

I am working on a perfectly generic object animation. I haven’t even bothered trying to get the sides to loop yet. The animation seems to run fine the first time through, but on the second run, it runs every command simultaneously. On the third run, it runs commands in sequence again as it should, then on the fourth time it runs every command simultaneously again. On every odd numbered run it runs correctly. On even numbered runs, it runs all commands simultaneously.

What am I missing?

Here is my public share link:

Can anyone show an example of a looping animation, so I can take a look at that and try to reverse-engineer my animation?

Is this a bug I should be reporting?

I got it working.

It seems almost like the animation didn’t have enough time to finish (possibly due to easing? not sure), so I had to give it some kind of wait time at the end of the loop as well as a transition time (couldn’t do 0ms) for resetting the position to the initial position as the last step.

However, the problem now is that, even though every single animation is the same exact length, the longer the loops are running, the further out of sync they all get until it just looks stupid.

What animation are you referring to and can you send a screenshot of what the element is affected by interactions? Thanks! :blush:

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