Click to show/hide is stalling

I’ve checked through the advice on previous threads to no avail so I hope this can serve as a useful topic.

I’ve made a simple interaction following the and methods.

The issue I’m facing is that upon clicking to show the hidden content, the interaction stalls before the hidden element is revealed. On closing, the interaction is more smooth but there’s still a slight jerk before the element fully hides again. I’m after a smooth show and hide as in example 3 of

You can see my problem by clicking on ‘What has this government got against young people’ on my read only link: – I’ve removed all padding because apparently this could have been the cause of the delay yet it still won’t budge.

Does anyone have any fixes for this? Not sure if I’m just being dumb or if perhaps I need to go about this in a different manner.

Thank you!

Also, can I make a request to the @webflow team – would it be possible to make the site into a public site so that we can open it in Webflow and have a look behind the scenes?

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Go into your interactions for the Show and Hide Text Body 3, the first action on “First Click” change the 1000ms to 0.

I for one would love to see a public share link made available for this page! I’m not sure, though, but the entire Webflow site might be one big website in Webflow, so sharing might actually give us access to works in progress and other stuff they might not want publicly available.

As an alternative, they could duplicate the site and delete all but the pages they want to share… :smile:

@RickK thank you! Feel like a bit of a noob but almost got it how I want now thanks to you. Could I possibly ask you to clarify another niggle for me? I’ve got the opening transition smooth now but when clicking to close, after the text block has reduced, the padding of ‘Topic Header Div’ and ‘Topic Header Div 2’ collapse into each other, if you see what I mean. Any idea how to avoid this?

@McGuire Yes! It would be massively helpful to be able to delve into the design of Webflow’s pages – being able to play with other sites in read only mode is an amazing feature of Webflow so being able to access pages which are designed so well I would think makes sense.?.

@Maxwell I’m not seeing it to be honest. It looks ok on my screen.

@McGuire If you look on youtube that site is built with a bunch of tutorials off the Webflow YT channel. Everything there is pretty easy to replicate.

Main Webflow site

3D Transforms

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