Interaction timing breaks when switching to other browser tab

Hi Webflow people!
I built this pretty long (28s) flip card interaction (+ some show / hide block interactions) on the start page on request of a customer. They are very happy with the look and feel, but when switching from the tab with the sites’ start page to another browser tab, then coming back - the timing is all off, and the interaction looks terrible.

This does not seem to happen as long as the interaction can do its thing in the active window. As in: as long as I stay within this Chrome tab, everything looks fine. If I switch, then go back, the timing is all wrong.

The point is for the interaction to loop after 28s, but I have removed that setting now to minimize the damage of this error (as it is now it will stop after 28s)

I have tried using “wait for assets to load” (all on / all off) w/out success.

What can I do to stop this from happening?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@Karl-BW if you set all of your interactions on load to “Wait for assets to load” this should resolve the looping error you’re seeing:

Hope that this is helpful :slight_smile:

Hi @Waldo
thanks for taking on this issue!
Unfortunately, you are looking at an old test page, and not on the page that is reflected as a start page for my client. In addition, the solution described (wait for assets to load) has already been tested, w/out success, as you will see below. That box is checked on all interactions used.

Currently, we have switched to a video of the animation, which is far from perfect.
On the following URLs you can see the issue

Visit the last link; wait for a sec or two; switch to another tab; wait for a few secs, maybe click something; than return to the tab featuring the animation. It will break the timing and look awful (the animation part is the top three lines of text, all below is clutter).

I hope this improves the description of the issue.

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