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Looking to migrate 2 Template Pages from ECOMMERCE to REGULAR CMS COLLECTION in Webflow


I wanna move our site from WORDPRESS/LEARNDASH to WEBFLOW (and Thrivecart LEARN for the actual premium courses) in the near future.

I saw this WEBFLOW TEMPLATE that makes perfect sense for our Courses site:
Education X - Education HTML5 Responsive Website Template


I do NOT need the WEBFLOW ECOMMERCE PLAN… (since we already use THRIVECART).
And 2 TEMPLATE PAGES of that Webflow Template (Education X) would currently require the Webflow ECOMMERCE plan.

See here.

Or… if that link doesn’t work for you: just click the PREVIEW IN DESIGNER link on this page:

As you can see there, in the PREVIEW IN DESIGNER PAGE,
and then in the PAGES SECTION (top left), it shows:
2 TEMPLATES under the ECOMMERCE PAGES section:
COURSES TEMPLATE (that’s the one for 1 single course)

(Also, I do NOT care about the 3 CHECKOUT pages below that…
Since I do this with THRIVECART on another platform…)

So, since I do NOT need the WEBFLOW ECOMMERCE PLAN:

I basically need to MIGRATE those 2 template pages from ECOMMERCE to REGULAR CMS COLLECTION in Webflow.

As the template developer wrote:

"This (SINGLE COURSE) page Graphic Design 101 - Education X - Webflow Ecommerce website template is currently a Ecommerce CMS collection page.
If you want to use our template as is, you would need to use the Webflow Ecommerce plan (ME WRITING AGAIN: WHICH I DO NOT WANT/NEED…), not the Webflow CMS.
So if you want to use CMS, you would need to migrate the collection to a CMS."


  • what would it take to do this for those 2 Ecommerce template pages?
    (And I assume they would then basically be EXACTLY (incl. the MOBILE parts/versions) as they show right now in the preview (but currently under the ECOMMERCE section), and would then be in the CMS COLLECTION PAGES section. Correct?)

  • ballpark price range to hire somebody to do that?

  • what would be the time frame for that? (I am not in a rush at all right now…)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


@falkino Hi Falk, do you have tight or open budget for this project?

Hi Falk,
All that you have described is certainly well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out on all this.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

Hello @falkino,
Hope you are doing well!

As I saw in your post that you want to migrate 2 Template Pages from E-COMMERCE to REGULAR CMS COLLECTION in Webflow. I can help you with your requirement.

I have 5 years of experience in development. I conventionally work on WordPress, eCommerce, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jquery, Ui/Ux design,Bootstrap, and more.

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could you please provide an opportunity to talk about your requirements?

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I await your response!