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Change from a Ecommerce to normal website?

Is this possible?

I started to design a page using one of the new ecommerce templates, now I’m happy with the design but I dont want ecommerce, just a normal site, is it possible to delete the ecommerce feature and change to a normal site?

There is two Ecommerce pages I cant delete (Products template & Categories template) in the site that I cant delete and I cant delete Ecommerce features in the editor either (in the editor, under the cms there is the new shopping cart icon, and if one click there it says “Ecommerce” and “Getting started”, “Products”, “Categories” and “Orders”, and those pages I cant delete either.47 59

And because I cant delete those pages I can only get hosting for a Ecommerce site or normal website with CMS, but I dont need cms, I just want the Basic option.

Any advice?



Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m trying to figure out how to delete ecommerce as well…


Hi @cecjonsson - glad you found a design that works great for your site!

Unfortunately, its not currently possible to remove Ecommerce elements once Ecommerce has been enabled.

We can see how having those extra pages and Collections can get annoying if you’re not intending to build a store in that project, so we’ll look into making them removable.


Hi, checked the last update here was Nov18, now is that possible to remove the ecommerce option if i choose an ecommerce template but my company is not ecommerce…

You can copy and paste portions of the template out into a new project. I recently did this with an eCommerce template.


Hi there,
Is it possible to remove eCommerce yet? Or does this mean I have to make a new website?

I’m looking to opt in for basic hosting but it’s unavailable. I don’t require CMS.

No. Check the post above yours for a solution.

It’s been 9 months since this post was made. is it possible yet to remove ecommerce from a project?


Also ran into this issue.

@x_Height welcome to the forum! Have you reached out to support about this? I’m almost certain there’s no account way to remove e-commerce yet. The only way is to let support know so they can remove it for you.

This is a very annoying issue. My client is using the editor and now, because the extra tabs, she accidentally created many produtcs in the ecommerce instead the collection. Now I am deleting and transfering everything.


1 year on… has this issue not been addressed yet???


I want to delete eCommerce elements from a template I purchased (and invested hours customizing) so I may use it as a normal site, but it seems I cannot.

Edit: My biggest concern/question – will I now have to pay the premium eCommerce subscription to host this website? Or, because the irremovable eCommerce Product CMS is empty, will I be able to pay a typical CMS subscription?


@ctrav reach out to support and see if they can help you. We can’t do that for you on the forum.

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What I did as a work around was to make a new project without eCommerce and started to copy-paste the elements from the eCommerce project. Was a bit of a time consuming process because I had to recreate some elements from the CMS, but overall the project turned out as I wanted :slight_smile:


I gave this a good attempt and faced an issue where various styles/position settings were getting left behind, which becomes increasingly time consuming on a large site.

Another solution learned via Webflow support:

“Thanks for reaching out about the need to remove the ecommerce collections. This temporarily not possible, but our team is working to make it possible […] In the meantime, you can add a regular cms hosting, you do no need to subscribe to ecommerce.”

Hopefully this saves people time from copying pasting.

Further, the inability to delete or password protect any pages associated with eCommerce can be fixed by placing a fake 404 overlay with a back to home button, or potentially setting 404 redirects for those pages. I haven’t tested the latter.

It’s Exactly 1 year ago this issue was reported. any luck? copying and pasting is stressful af.

can the admin/support at webflow just do it for me or something?


I contacted support and discovered you can pay normal CMS pricing on an eCommerce template so long as you don’t use any eCommerce elements. This saved me from having to copy and paste.

The only downside is the inability to delete the eCommerce related pages. A workaround is to mask these pages with a fake fullscreen 404 Not Found div and link them somewhere else, such as Home.


A similar problem (or question): I plan to buy a nice premium template, that I kind of fell in love with, and suits my project – but it’s made for eCommerce, and I want to use it as a regular page. So I plan to copy-paste over the elements I need, and then customize it further. Would this copy-pasting be a violation of the templates licence do you reckon?
Hopefully not, as it still will only be “one product” and just one homepage that I use it for. When page is finished, it will be transferred to my customers account.

Same problem,
i’ve build a website which is almost finished, but i accidentally clicked on e-commerce. How can i get back to a normal site?