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Creating a VOTE BUTTON and database

Hello guys, I am trying to create a carousel of products and have my customers VOTE on which color they like. I can’t figure out how to incorporate a way to record their vote for a certain color out of 6 colors. I’m sure there is a easy way i’m missing!

IMAGE of the description below!!


You would definitely need a custom script to do this, because where would the votes go? How would they get stored? You’ll need some sort of database that can talk to the front end element code. Every vote or poll embed I’ve used came from a custom script I purchased or downloaded from a developer.

Envato’s Code Canyon should have the small scripts you’re looking for, but you’ll need your own server to load it on. You will need direct access to the server to implement.

  1. Where did you get that sample screenshot?
  2. Are there any sample scripts you’re looking at?
  3. Another option is using an another application - Shopify, Wix, etc. they have 3rd party plugins with polls that you can access the back-end admin and hook into an account. Then you could create 1 page, give it a link name, then in Webflow (using your domain) create a link to that page for seamless user interaction.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the detailed reply! Do you work with Webflow?

Isn’t there a modal drop down where you can make selections for people to choose from? It is the same concept just designed differently

Hi, no problem. I’m a member of the community that just offers assistance to other members. I’ve been trying to payback and cover the sins I committed at college in New Orleans :blush:

Ha. So look at it like this. The front end vote button can tally how many votes, but you’ll need a back-end database to store those votes, who voted, their name, all the other details in tables within a database. But that database need a programming language in between to do that.


This is a easy way to view what needs to happen. The user clicks for an action, that action is called with programming language and translated, that information gets sent to the server and stored in tables within a database at another location (your own server, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc). So you create the 1st block, you’ll purchase or download the 2nd, then you need to set up the 3rd with hosting.

Hope that provides a better visual.

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Ya man absolutely thank you very much!

Oh forgot to mention that you could purchase a service embed, but you’ll likely pay a monthly fee. But they would represent the program application part. In essence, they’ll host all this for you. Not a fan of the monthly fees but they do work very well. Customization is not as flexible, but still effective. Here are a few services examples:

They work out of the box and do it well, therefore they can charge a subscription fee. Still better than creating and maintaining such a service yourself (even if you know how to).

Absolutely! No doubt about that. I read what I first said, and thought OMG who wants to manage such a small script. Let me share some poll services I researched :wink:

Man thank you for all the help, I think you even helped me on my last
question in the community. Hope they put you on the payroll!

Haha… yeah that would be cool huh… This is fun because I know people are trying to earn a living and any help is always putting people in a position for success. Noone can do anything alone, so no problem. Hope you have a great Patriot weekend. Heehee.

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