Looking for WebDev (future projects)

Hi Folks,

Keeping things short and sweet: 'm running a marketing agency focused on marketing consulting, customer acquisition and retention, but also branding and design.
However, I don’t have any Dev resources, and from feedback I’m getting from propsects, I could need for future projects someone capable of:

  • Converting Webflow sites to Wordpress templates
  • Picking up all sorts of WebDev / integration jobs

This is to get in touch for future projects, I don’t have anything right now but want to be able to go quickly when something lands on my desk.

If you’re interested, can you drop me a PM describind your competences and with examples of work done / link to a portfolio?


Hi @Pasint,

Can assist you proficiently, just sent you a PM.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hi @Pasint,

I am available to help you with future projects.

I’ll send you a pm.

Teresa :slight_smile:

I’m replying here to go faster, please don’t be upset if I don’t reply to your PM directly.
Thanks all for getting back to me and sending your amazing portfolios.
I’ll contact directly those that got my attention, and we’ll take it from there.

Cheers :+1: