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Looking for a Webflow Wiz

Hi, I have a site running on Webflow and I need to automatically integrate listings coming from a popular Real Estate platform into one of the pages of the site. The listings are coming in .txt format and the images are to be fetched from a URL.

I need a Webflow Wiz who can implement that kind of solution. I’m open to all kinds of solution (hosted on external server, with a custom script and database).

Send me a PM if you’re that Wiz I’m looking for!

Is that Real Estate can implement a RSS feed?

@gosselin07 no, the only transmission the platform supports is sending the Listings to an FTP.

I assume that txt file you mentioned has all info you need to construct the listing thus you might fîrst need to extract it and then a custom php script may do the rest. Need more detail info for real solution if you still need it you can pm me.