XML Feed and API

Hello Webflow maniacs,

I’m building a real estate website on Webflow. My client provided me with a Xml feed link and an API link, asking me to add them to my project so whatever property they pots to their software internally, can automatically appear on our Webslow website.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it.

Is anyone out there where he/she can help me with this task?

Than you in advance,
Panos Vlachos

Ah, I see so many great questions that I’m also in need of knowing the solution to go completely unanswered! All the best answers on this platform are from years ago :unamused:

@Tezwaz - first of all, people are volunteering their time to help others learn Webflow (sometimes for projects they are being paid for) for free. There are many users on the Webflow Community answering questions daily across a variety of topics. Show a little appreciation for the free help being offered instead of complaining.

Secondly, the original question asked here is fairly vague; there are a lot of potential solutions depending on the third party API. If you have more specifics on what you are looking to do I may be able to point you in the right direction.

The first suggestion I have is to look at the documentation found here:



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