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Looking for a freelancer for slide transitions, hotkeys, Analytics

Good morning,

So what I’m trying to do is give the site the look of a digital magazine.
I want it to be a template I can just duplicate and change as I need for different magazines, so all the code or edits you make should be able to be copied when I click to duplicate the site.

Most of the magazines (is what ill call it) would have a fixed page size of full screen, no scrolling down or to the sides, but I do want the option do add longer pages in some of the magazines.

The pages need to be able to have transitions when switching between them, such as “flip, slide, fade, etc…” (preferably a library I can choose from by the click of a button, or a piece of code you can show me how to easily change)

Youtube doesn’t allow for auto muting videos in the parameters of the iframe, I would like to have the option to select the video I want either from youtube, vimeo, or audio from soundcloud, and have the option for automute, or autoplay. as well as if I go from one page to the next it should auto pause/stop and not continue playing. (I mention this because as far I understand what I want with page transitions I must use a slider on one page and not multiple pages, (please correct me if I’m wrong) and if so when I load the second slide the video from the first will still play because technically i didn’t change the page. Same goes with auto play, things should only start when I get to the correct slide, not when loading the original page.

I need keyboard shortcuts, so I can switch between slides by using the right and left arrows. As well as an additional shortcut to open and close a “read more/full article” panel.

I need you to integrate (or show me how) Google analytics for each slide so I can track what internal links people visited, what pictures and videos etc…
I also need you to setup a cookie so I can track individual users that come from the same ip but dont sign in to authenticate. (I think the cookie adds a number to the visitor count if it sees its a new user, and also creates a visitor id that gets sent to GA to track the users interactions (please tell me if this is the correct way of doing it, or if there’s something better)).

Is it possible to do the transitions on the body to actually switch the page, or must it be on a slider within the same page?
Will the page load smoothly if there is so much content loading at once?
Will autoplay videos on other slides start playing as soon as you load the site, or will it wait until you get to the correct slide?
Will the transition be smooth?
will the custom css/js you use interfere with the webflow code?

If there’s something about this job you think cannot be done, or you have a better idea please let me know.
I would like to start ASAP if you can, and please tell me if you can help me maintain it in the future.
Please let me know how many hours this would take and how much you can charge me per hour.
When can you start?

Thank you.
Have a good day.