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Custom page sliders and keyboard shortcuts

I have a few things I would like to implement.

  1. I need to make pages switch as if they were sliders, but instead of just using the arrows to go from page to page, I need the keyboard arrow keys to function as hotkey/shortcuts to switch pages right or left.

  2. When pages switch from one to the other, I need a transition, either slide/flip etc… so one page goes out as the other comes in.

  3. When resizing the pages, the text wraps, but at at one point when the page gets very small the text gets cut off. How do I make the text stay within its container upon resize.

  4. On the first page you will see I have a video that auto plays. is there a way to auto mute.? Not sure why but the YouTube parameters don’t work for mute.

  5. I want to make my site as a template so that most of the time I just switch out information and pictures, not so much change the layout or styles. Is there a way to import the final template into wordpress, or another CMS so I can easily edit the content, and also give permissions to additional users? Perhaps you have a better suggestion then wordpress.

  6. Here is my public link, please don’t pay attention to most of the pages, I was just trying different things. The first page has kind of a slider effect but its obviously not the correct solution.

Thank you.
Any help is appreciated.