GSAP type animation needed for page transition

In the new year I’m going to set up a straight forward website on the platform by customising one of the templates (most likely this one The plan is to also keep the website with Webflow for hosting, using their CMS.

I’m looking for somoen to help with the following:

The client wants an animation that happens as you move from one page to another. They have the idea of a van driving across the screen (incl. engine sound), after you click on a menu item and before the next page gets into view. Needless to say that this needs to work on all screen sizes.

I’d be able to supply the initial vector drawing to you in Adobe Illustrator. The illustration would be quite simple – perhaps not more complex than this example:

I reckon that an overall page transition is needed (e.g. something like this to create space for the van to drive across the screen.

I’m looking for someone who might be able to implement this in GSAP or similar, and at this stage would need to know what extra cost the client has to budget for if they want the animation.

There is no firm project timeline at the moment.

Anyone interested please get in touch with me by messaging thorugh this forum. Happy to answer any question.

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