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Long mobile navigation menu problems

Hi Guys/Girls

I have created a navigation menu with 12 links in it - so it is quite long. Looks great on the desktop version and even when viewing the mobile version within webflow, however when viewed on an actual mobile device the mobile navigation menu extends past the end of the screen and does not allow scrolling to get to the bottom items on the menu.

Have I done something wrong or is this a limitation?

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The problem is in my opinion not where you think it is.

Making your users scroll your drop down menu is not very nice or correct behavior. So you should make your menu fit on the screen. It’s easy to say I reckon. You have many possibility, make your elements float, reduce their size… would be easier to help you if you share your public link.

I am having the same issue but my menu fits fine but I have added a dropdown menu which, when selected goes past the screen. I think the menu should be able to scroll. I have also made my menu fill the entire page on mobile so it’s like loading a directory.