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Long menu lists in hamburger menu on mobile

I have been struggling to find a great solution for navigations that are long on mobile.

You can see my hamburger example here:

Has anyone got any great examples they can show me, or provide any good solutions. I followed the suggestions on here but I think it kinda sucks how the menu does not use natural scroll on mobile. it’s just a bad experience.

Also, you will notice that sometimes it doesn’t even scroll down.

SURELY there’s some better way to do this???


Here is my public share link: LINK
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What I do is have a general page like Stories then on that page lots of buttons

Can you please post an example

I see what you are saying, but it’s a poor user experience to go to a page just to navigate to another. It really should sit in the navigation to reach all pages

That’s the only problem - you could give ids to each section then create a text link bar on the top for easier navigation.

I’m not sure i follow, all our pages exist on different URLs

check out my story page, each heading has an id.

Amazon uses a dedicated page for navigation on mobile.

Yes no doubt, but it’s amazon. There’s no way to fit all the pages on

What I really mean is, unless I told you that or if you had researched it yourself, you would have no idea that Amazon used a dedicated page for navigation on mobile, even if you were a regular Amazon user on mobile.

And you presented your problem as " struggling to find a great solution for navigations that are long on mobile," which Amazon has solved for you. They do a gajillion dollars in research every year. Maybe just take their word for it and give it a try?

What I have done HERE is not good enough? I don’t think theres any problem with it.

Look I don’t want to people load a page just to navigate a site that doesn’t have a lot of content on it.

You might choose to do it this way but it’s a poor experience. Not to mention It’s slow, especially for mobile.

Does nobody have any examples of doing this well in webflow?

Look its ok, but try scrolling from the top to the bottom on mobile. I have to vertically swipe many times. It’s a poor experience IMHO and if you had natural scroll there’s no way you would go back to this.

Also, this design doesn’t make it obvious to me you even need to scroll down in the first place.

I think I’m going to just simplify for mobile.

This would all be made a million times easier if webflow had a native search capability

I don’t get that at all, what mobile are you on and what OS are you using?

Do you have an example of a another site, not made in webflow, that have the mobile menu you want?

I’m just ios on iPhone.

I’m pretty sure every one on ios would have the same issue

If anyone else see what Fagan see I would love to hear that. Thats not good :open_mouth:
I have tested it on iPhone 4 and I don’t get vertical scrolling.

About if it feels natural to scroll down, I would love to hear what you think would be a better practice? The analytic shows no problem with people not scrolling down, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look in to it.

Hi @Fagan_Wilcox, I was able to pin down the behavior of the vertical scrolling on iOS and narrowed down the culprit to the chat code that is being used in the Before Body code section of custom code:

​There is some behavior in that code, which is opening a popup modal window, to force the page to the bottom. When I tested and removed the code, the issue went away.

Could you try removing that code (copy it so you can put it back if needed), then republish the site. You may have to refresh the iOS page a few times.

Let me know if that helps.

I’ve complain about this numerous times in the past.

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