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Scrolling Nav menu on Mobile Devices

I am trying to fix my nav menu so that when it is viewed on a mobile device the menu can be scrolled through since i have several nav links in each drop down and if it extends off the page right now there is no way to view the link that are being cut off.

I found this link (listed below) which shows that it is possible however I have spent the last hour trying to figure out how this was done and I cannot seem to do it.

Can you please let me know how to make this function on my own Nav menu. Thank you.

See screenshot of NON SCROLLING MENU Below

Here is my Preview link >>>

Hi Nikki,

It’s really tough for me to debug the issue. My computer is having a hard time loading your website. It may be because your images are really big in file size. Can you re-upload and replace your images with ones that are smaller in file size?

Cheers :smile:

The image files on the actual site are not large. The load time for the site on the webflow preview is due to the fact that we uploaded several very large images to the site before and they are still in the media manager. We would delete them if we could, however that is not possible. I hear that this is something that you guys are also working on?! That would be a GREAT feature.

The uploaded site loads very well. Live at

On our computer it only takes about 3 minutes for the site to fully load in Webflow. Please wait, and help us out.
It’s not very good that our nav menu does not scroll on a Mobile Device. Cause that means that viewers cannot access the entire site.
This negatively impacts our brand and make the site seem very unprofessional.

When attempting to scroll the Nav menu on a Mobile Device it just scrolls the page in behind the Nav Menu.

Please help us out. Hopfully this is an easy fix.

I would really appreciate some help.

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