Login member --> redirect to specific landing URL

Is there a way to setup a specific URL per member (user) so that when that user logs in, user gets redirected to that specific URL instead of site root?


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Not built-in, but you could do that using Sygnal Attributes.
You’d set it up as follows;

  • Store your desired user-level url in custom user fields. Hide them if you want.

  • After login, route the user to a special page that says “logging in”. This is because it takes a second for Webflow to make the user data accessible.

  • On that special page, you’d handle the callback so that when the user data is available, you know the URL to redirect to, and redirect them.

You’ll want to use both of these tools together;

You can do that natively for all members, not uniquely for each member via:

…and that list will include any pages that include an access group.

Not specifically what you’re asking for but maybe it helps!

Thank you, will take a look to these!

Is there more info on this or any steps that you can elaborate on?! i am confused on the first step and also where to place the code in the two attached docs. Any help is appreciated!

I think everything you need is in the docs; instructions are with each piece of code.
Let me know more specifically if you’re stuck somewhere.

dang, thanks for the quick response, i just realized it said site head, i have been putting it in the page head and pulling my hair out. i will do this and report back! thank you so much!