Acces Webflow Memebership User Details

Hi. I hope all you are doing well. Our agency is working on project where we are creating udemy like platform natively on webflow. The challange is that we want to access the details of the signed up user. FOr example i have signed up and my name email and etc. details are in the the users account tab. Is there a way to access user names and credentials on webflow. It is really important for us.

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Hi @Elnur-Damirov :wave: welcome!

If you want to do that from the frontend, you really can’t, currently. The one exception would be their undocumented API call that snags the email address on the frontend.

From something like Webflow Logic or Make (Integromat) you can on the backend.

With the latter you can just tap into the Webflow backend API. With the former, they bundle that API up for you and also give you access to things only Logic allows.

Thank you for your reply. Could you please tell me or send any documentation which will help us to use integromat to pull emails or etc.

Thank you

So you are limited by what data the memberships beta allows and I am unsure of anything security wise but I figured out a way to go around what is not offered natively. To summarize, you need a CMS to store all of your user data in addition to your user information. The CMS link created when you make a new CMS item can be added to each respective user under their account information and shown on the Account Page. You can then take the link that is autopopulated by the system, turn it into a button, and allow for a user to be taken to a page customized with their information. How to do this is below:

First, create a CMS and populate it with your user’s information. Then, create a custom link field under your user account settings and take the link that is created when you create a CMS item and paste it into this field.

On the user account page, all of the information on a user can be displayed here in form fields. You have to manually add in additional fields if you wish to show more data but that’s the easy part. But because everything autopopulates into these form fields when a user is logged in on this page, you can pull the data from the field and turn it into a button that will be different and specific to every user. Below, I have used a field called “cms summary link” and placed it on my Webflow user account page. With that code, the specific CMS link I manually added to my user’s account information is shown on their Account Page. When they click on it, it takes them to their specific page where I have populated it with information about them, images, and more.

<button id="my-button" style="background-color: white;">Summary</button>
  document.getElementById("my-button").addEventListener("click", function() {
    var inputText = document.getElementById("cms-summary-link").value;
    window.location.href = inputText;

For reference, here is the html for the field the above code is referencing. I just pulled this code from the native Webflow user account form - it is not anything custom made. I replaced the User Field information for security purposes.

<input type="url" class="no-view-input" maxlength="256" name="" data-name="field" data-wf-user-field="7example3243fasde9332afasdec0example" placeholder="" data-wf-user-field-type="Link" id="cms-summary-link">

I’m sure you could automate a lot of this by using Zapier but that part is above my needs to figure out. This is more if you’re willing to manually set things up for a few hundred users and would likely not be viable for thousands of users. But in the meantime, it works pretty great.

Hey Elnur, try this,

We’ve just released v2 of the lib, and it supports both the user’s Name and Email. Custom fields are in testing currently.

Sygnal Attributes documentation is here;