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Hi Webflowers,
I’m setting up a members website (beta), and I can’t find any information regarding the redirect after log-in. Today it’s going to my website home page, which is a generic one for the public, but I’d like to change it to my users home dashboard instead.

Anyone knows anything how to do it? Or where I can ask if its a missing feature from Beta?

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Hi @Renata_Walker :wave: welcome to the forum.

Things are moving fast with the Memberships Beta.

I’m not currently aware of being able to explicitly set this on successful logins (failed logins you may explicitly set) from within the Webflow Designer.

I’m sure this will evenutally change.

Quick aside…

There are 2 types of Memberships sites as I understand it, and behavior can differ between the two.

  1. Free Membership sites

  2. Paid, eCommerce Membership sites

What I’m discussing is the “Free Membership site” so that may matter if your site is the latter.

Here’s how I understand it to currently work:

  • If you go to your site and are logged out.

  • Attempt to access a membership page.

  • You’ll (in most cases) be redirected to the login page.

  • After successfully logging in, you’ll be redirected to whatever page you were originally attempting to access.

So that means if you tapped the login button / link from the homepage, after successfully logging in you’ll be redirect back to the homepage.

I’ve set up a demo site that you can play around with it to see this behavior if it helps:

That all said…

I’ve got a workaround :star_struck:

The key bit is setting that usredir url param to tell Webflow where to go AFTER login.

So we can just add our own custom link element, adjust that parameter, and you’ll have users redirecting to your custom page!

Here’s a quick build walking through that:

I create a new static page to test all of this, called it home2.

You can check it out here:

In the screenshot below, I’ve simply added a regular “Link” element.

Nothing special.

But here’s the magic.

I’ve added the URL that it links to:


The /log-in?usredir= bit should be the same for your (and every other) site.

The unique bit is the /homepageredirect

That’s the URL of a new page I’ve created.

Let’s create that next.

Just create an ordinary static page.

You could use a membership protected page too, but this is just a quick example.

You can see the URL for this new static page is

…and the /homepageredirect bit is what I’ve added to the “Link” element shown previously.

Now you’re done.

Publish the project, open the live site, and go to:

Click your new Login link:

Go to your login page and notice the URL now (screenshot below).

It has the correct URL to redirect to.

Go ahead and login…

:boom: Boom!

Custom redirects after login :smiley:

Of course, this could be a password protected page as well.

I just did a quickie public static page for this walk through.

My site is live with all of these pages.

Go ahead and test it out for yourself.

  1. Register for an account (needs to be a real email address) here:

  2. You’ll get an invitation link in your email, follow through to successfully setup an account.

  3. Then logout.

  4. Now go to

  5. Tap the new custom Login link.

  6. Login with your newly created account.

  7. Get redirected to the custom page!

Hope that helps!

Here’s the full walk through:


Wow! This is a lovely reply! I’m almost sure it should work perfectly, thanks! I’ll let you know if I have any questions!

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Thank you @ChrisDrit for this idea. Works great :slight_smile:

btw. @Renata_Walker set @ChrisDrit answer as a solution :slight_smile:

I think this is another option @Renata_Walker @mkukulka @ChrisDrit

  1. Open (Edit) /login page in memberships Beta Section

  1. Click on Login Container and in the options there are an option called > Redirect fallback < there you can choose any static page of your design except collections page or e-commerce page (dynamic page).


Hi @MarceloBG :wave:

Thanks for chiming in, love the screenshots! :pray:

My experience with the “redirect fallback” has been that it only redirects to a page that you select if your login attempt fails, not succeeds.

The beta is fast moving so maybe something has changed since I last tested it.

If indeed this does work on successful logins, what you’ve outlined is the best approach.

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@ChrisDrit I just tried the solution that @MarceloBG shared and it worked! With a successful login, I landed at a member page that is restricted to members of a specific Access Group.

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@GrantDollar @MarceloBG nice! It’s now working for me as well, happy to see it!

It would be nice if that redirected to any page in your project. I guess until that happens you might still have to use that hack, but this is a nice upgrade for sure.

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Hello @GrantDollar @ChrisDrit

After a lot of problems with the login state and sing up I implemented this function and it’s working fantastic.

I hope this works for you.

All the best.

I think that Webflow users is really great for basic membership websites, but if you need any level of complexity you need to look at external (paid) plugins. I have tried Webflow Users, Memberspace and Memberstack and Memberstack 2.0 is fantastic (and miles ahead of Webflow Users or memberspace). Loads of customisation and functionality right out of the box. No limit of 2,000 users.