Change content when user is logged in

Hi, I am currently trying out the new Membership features. Does anyone know if you can change what a certain button says and does when someone has logged in. In my case I want the ‘Log In’ button in the nav to say ‘My Profile’ and lead to the Profile page.

Thanks in advance

Also I’d like to have another button on the homepage to say ‘Become a member’ and lead to the pricing tables when the user is either not logged in or with a bottom tier membership and ‘Access members only content’ and lead to a certain restricted page when the user is in the top two tiers.

I looked into the advanced membership flows by @memetican , but it seems that that would mean me pretty much duplicating the home page. While that might work it could be bad for SEO as that might be read as duplicate pages by crawls.

Hi Kiril,

For individual elements, you can use Webflow’s conditional visibility feature. Currently it allows you to show certain elements only when the user is logged in or logged out, so your Join as a Member CTA would only show to non-logged-in users.

For the Log-in button, you’d put another button next to it, something like My Account that would only show to logged-in users.

Have a look at https:/ for an example of how you can change the menu on login-logout.

You also mentioned “tiers” which I think refers to access groups. Webflow is working on support for access groups to conditional visibility, due out in the next couple of months. If you need something sooner, we’re thinking of adding access group support to our Logged-In User Info library here.

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