Logic says it has completed but it errors

I get request completed but I also get an error. I am unsure of what this part means.

  1. Paste the code block from your Airtable API documentation in the Body field — it will resemble this (but contain fields from your existing Airtable records):
      "First Name": "XYZ",
      "Last Name": "XYZ",
      "Email": "ZYX@email.com", 
      "Status": "New lead"

Then, you’ll need to add dynamic data to your HTTP request to capture information from your form submissions:

  1. Delete the values from your existing Airtable record and place your cursor between the empty quotation marks in the Body field
  2. Click the purple “dot” icon and select the corresponding dynamic form field (e.g., name, email, etc.)

What does #1 mean with the cursor? If we use the above JSON does it mean delete XYZ? Then what?
I end up adding the code from Airtable with the dummy data and it says successful but with error. I added the name of the field in the quotations (key and value the same text) and get the same thing. I sent empty quotations same thing.
Please explain like I’m an idiot. Thank you!

Read only link: Webflow - MSCLT