Logic Form Trigger Error Help

Hello! We are trying to experiment with the Logic Beta, and we are experiencing an error right off the jump, and I’m unclear where to trace the error back to. We want to have our “quote request form” to make a HTTP request and create a lead inside our CRM (Salesforce).

When I select the quote request form, it says there’s an error “something is wrong with the flow trigger. Either the form no longer exists, or there are type errors.”

It also says “bindings are missing source”.

The form definitely exists, and I’m not sure what it means by there are type errors.

Anyone have suggestions? Screenshots attached.


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I’ve seen this error before. In my case (may not be your case), the form name was reverted back to the default form block name “email form”.

Go back to your form and double check that.

Other things I’ve done to get past some of these Beta errors:

  • Remove that trigger by simply deleting that flow and trying again (basically unbinding the form).
  • Making sure to publish my project again.
  • Double checking the form name.
  • A combination of the above.

Let us know if any of that helped!

I have the same problem. I cannot get past the error by trying any of the suggestions.

Looks like it’s effecting others, too and the Logic team has reported it as a bug and said they’ll be taking a look at it this week. That was posted 3 days ago.

I’m getting this info from the Logic Beta forum. You should have received an invite to it with your Logic invite email if you’re interested in being updated there.

Hi Mike…
Forgive my English (Google speaks for me)… I have the same situation that you write here, and I see that your comment is from September 22, I suppose and I hope that you have solved it, I am going crazy. If you can help me, I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life, well… I’m exaggerating a bit :grinning: