Logic Flow Debugging

I’m attempting to write my first Logic Flow triggered by a Webflow form submission. The flow branches on when/if the field roster-name is empty. When name is empty, the test is successful and a new CMS record is created. When name is not empty, this field is used to search for and update an existing record.

When I specify a value for roster-name using Logic’s test harness I get ‘Bad Request’, Status: 400, An unknown error has occurred. When I test the flow from the browser form, I receive a response of {“msg”:“ok”,“code”:200} but the record is not updated.

Does anyone have an idea how I should proceed debuging this Logic flow?

I just tested this Select/Update scenario again (having made no change to the flow) from the attached form on my Webflow page and now it works.

Not sure what changed but I’ll take it as a win.

I retested this scenario again today and it’s not working. Response to the POST is 200 ‘OK’. I look in Logic’s history and there is no entry for this test. The flow status says its ‘On’.

Hmm, I just found that the form was disconnected from the Logic Flow. I reconnected it again and now it works.