Logic Form Submission + UTM Parameters

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started experimenting with Logic as I’d like to reduce my dependency on make.com.

The current set I’m working on is the following:

  1. Form is submitted
  2. Make HTTP Request with Airtable to create a new record

In the form, I have hidden fields for our UTM parameters. I can gather all the data from all the ‘visible’ fields in the form but the UTM data is not pushed through in Logic.

The UTM fields work fine as their data is currently being processed with Make and I don’t have any issues so it seems like the problem comes from Logic.

Has anyone had a similar issue with hidden fields in Logic? Did you find a solution?

Thanks for your help.

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You might regret that direction.
Unfortunately logic wasn’t finished as a product and there are a number of significant limitations.

It also may not be cheaper depending on your usage profile- it’s roughly $1 per 100 transactions.

That said, if your hidden fields are <input type="hidden" ...> that won’t work.