Logic flow seems to work, but still returns error


I’m trying to set up a logic flow to update my CMS collection with new items as I add them in Google Sheets. Even though the flow seems to work, and new items are being added, I also get an error for each item that is added. I can’t seem to find what is causing the error. If I’m adding several items at once, the flow automatically turns off due to these errors.

On the google sheet side, I have added a script that sends the first cell of each new row as JSON to the webflow webhook.

Anyone know what might be the issue?


Forgot the read-only:


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Unfortunately, preview mode shows very little about Logic flows.
No details and no error history.

From your screenshot, yeah looks vague.

My best guess is that you’re over your CMS item limit (?) what plan is the site on?

Ha, in fact if I go into the CMS, and hover over an item’s duplicate button I see an error-


Thanks for the reply!

I’m on a CMS plan, so the item limit should not be an issue, I guess.

To clarify: the flow does work in that it is adding new items. It is just that it generates an error as well, and eventually turns off.

Here is a walkthrough of the process:

  1. I add a new row in Google Sheets
  2. I send the data in the row to the webhook using a google script
  3. the flow triggers and creates a new CMS item AND then triggers the error.

I too have this issue where Logic Flow Run History reports a run has failed yet the Create CMS Item action fired successful. This flow handles two use cases, one creates an item when roster-name is empty, the other updates an existing item when roster-name is not empty. The previous ‘Successful’ run is from this second use-case. Both use-cases are working but one reports a failure.


I had this issue too but while connecting my contact for to Hubspot to generate leads. Apparently what was causing the issue is when you Publish something to the staging site instead of the live site.

So I went to the designer mode and checked the box to publish in both staging and live site and the logic was on again, with no issues.