Logic stops create a new CMS Item after few successful attempts

Hey guys.
I’m trying to create a review system for my products using Logic.
I Have E-commerce standard site. I have CMS Collection Called Reviews.
I have a form on my product page and a logic flow that should create a new review CMS Item after the user sends this form.
Every Time user sends this form I also receive an email with the form data.

I tested this flow a few times and everything worked fine: I received an email and saw a newly created item in the CMS. But after this few times, a new cms item stoped creating. I still receive an email every time, but my CMS collection doesn’t change.

Maybe there are some limits which I don’t know.

The Logic Flow seems set correctly and doesn’t show any errors.
Any ideas? I’m very disappointed because I am stuck in this part of my work.

Appreciate any help

Hi xTiles,

Unfortunately the Logic project was stopped just as that team was developing the reporting and testing features, so it’s fairly limited in what you can see. The readonly designer view is even more limited, so even if you shared your readonly link the community would be able to see very, very little.

Best advice is check the history and see if you can identify any errors. If there are none, contact support. If support cannot help or you find the system too difficult to stabilize you may need to consider an external automation solution like Make / Zapier.

@memetican Thank you for your answer!