Conflict between Editor mode and Localization


We are currently about to launch a website that we have been working on for several months. This site includes a CMS part, and the client has also subscribed to the Localization add-on, wishing to translate their site into English and French. Until now, everything was working correctly, but for the past few days, in “Editor” mode, it has become impossible for us to translate a new page from our collection. Let me explain:

  • English is the primary language, French is the secondary language.
  • There are already about ten pages from CMS translated that have been added from the Editor mode.
  • When we want to add a new page, we start (by default) with the primary language. Once the fields are filled in, we switch at the bottom to the secondary language (FR), then modify the fields to be translated, and once saved, the secondary language overrides the primary. In short, we can only publish one version at a time.

Are we the only ones experiencing this problem? Do you have any idea of a solution?

Thank you in advance, have a great day everyone!