Localisation has crashed our site health - multiple hreflang conflicts

Let me say straight off the bat that I’ve read the webflow article on hreflangs re localisation. The sitemap for our client is autogenerated. So we were therefore very surprised to see our site health tank after localisation publication to show dozens of hreflang conflicts within the page source code. Has anyone else had the same problem? Can anyone recommend a fix? Would be grateful for some clarity from Webflow as well.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What are the conflicts you’re seeing?

Hi Michael

It appears there are no hreflang values (self-referencing). I have attached a screenshot of just one but there are more than 40 pages with this issue. Additionally, there is an incorrect hreflang link on the main url.

Tbh I don’t understand why self-referencing hreflangs are even a thing in the SEO world. Google doesn’t need them as long as the page has a canonical and an HTML lang attribute, it knows what language this page is.

That said, it would be nice to cover the bases for what’s considered accepted practice.

You can add that easily with custom code, if you just want to ensure Google has the info. If you also want to silence the screaming frogs, you’d need to use a reverse proxy to fix this. Hopefully Webflow will add that. Self-referencing hreflangs are in the sitemap already.

This one I haven’t seen before. Can you direct message me with your actual site domain so I can have a look?

The main domain (Home) hreflang is pointing to e.g. “/en/” instead of “/en” thus leading to a 301 for the hreflang… :confused: