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Loading up URL means I'm always in Editor when logged in?!

Hey guys,

before I used to publish a site, then open the URL in a new tab and test out the site.

Now, when I publish the site, open the URL in a new tab (via the ‘new tab arrow’ in the publish dropdown OR manually typing URL), it seems that as long as I’m logged into WebFlow, I can’t test out the site with normal settings (i.e. any embeded scripts) because the site sees me as logged in.

I’m pretty sure you dont’ want us to log out/log in every, single, time we want to check out the site’s progress. So this could only be a bug somewhere.

This is what I see when I open a new tab and try to test out the site.

And a test, I logged out of webflow, closed the browser and reopened. Went to the URL and it still thinks I’m logged in…sorta.

Screencast of open URL and odd behaviour.

I cleared out cookies/data and that has seemingly solved the problem.

I loaded the site again, went to the URL and that seems to work now. Hopefully it’s just a fluke of cached data but thought I’d let you guys know.

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