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Load a page without visible jump

Hi, is there any way to replicate this page load without the jump and reload on webflow?
I mean when you click an item from its work section it loads a page without jumping or any visible jumping to another page, I get this might be some javascript to load the content and change url but is it possible to create something like this in webflow?

EDIT: I’m sorry if this is not in the correct place I guess this should be in code help? Thanks. < JP does it quite well on his portfolio site. Check out his source code.

Thanks man, although the page jump is not perceivable, it is notable, will continue looking for something more like shantell’s website; I was initially searching for a way to load a section in the same page (the address change is not important) but the custom modal section will load all assets without even being requested, So if that’s not possible I’m looking for an invisible page jump, it is complicated I guess.

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