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Can Webflow load new page content dynamically?

I’ve been loving Webflow so far and know you guys recently added the ability to create pages, but I was wondering if you can make the pages load content dynamically. If not, any chance that feature will be added in the near future?

Here’s some examples:



At this point it’s no.

I’m working on a complexe setup and while I’m doing the fronty-end, 2 programmers are working on the back-end within .NET and a dedicate server. This is a big pain as we can NOT import code back in WF. It’s not lean for ME. I can not design and push as fast as I want.

For CMS needs …

In my dreams, I see something with We could work in WF from a template of about 30-50 class (maybe more, I’m not a specialist) pre-setup for the worpdress core.

So basically, it could be possible to program any major web site in days.

bring it !

All things those site are doable for anyone who master WF. The backend is the missing link at this point.

But of course WF is still amazing to bootstrap :100:
Cheers from Montreal

You can set up that kind of thing just like I did on :wink: This is all a matter of jQuery. If you check for source on the first page you’ve linked there is a javascript file for dynamic pages. Enjoy reading it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can add that ability to your Webflow site by simply adding proper scripts to the Custom Code section in the site dashboard :wink:

Thanks @bartekkustra, the script looks pretty simple to use. I’m assuming you uploaded the “navigation.js” script on your own server to add it to your site? Also, fyi it doesn’t create a new URL, but it’ll get the job done in the short run :smile: