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Load Div from another page?


I’ve been struggling for a while with a must have feature in my website: We have projectpages with a section where we credit the people that worked on the project (min 5, max 40 people) these crew-members also have a tag (what role they had within this project - every project has different roles and crewmembers…)

  • I want to get the names & roles from CMS collections; doing this via multiref wont work, this exceeds the reference fields OR the max collection lists on a page…

So I was thinking: Create a PROJECTS collection page and a CREDIT collection page > load a div from every CREDITS page into the corresponding PROJECT page.

Is there a workaround for this? Maybe with some custom code? I’ve found some stuff (see below) but the function is linked to a button (lol, sorry not that great with code).