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Live website is not showing the LOVELO font

So when I publish my website the lovelo font is not showing. I have another website that also uses lovelo font and that website shows fine. Mine uses LOVELO font on most of the headings.

I noticed that in the webflow dashboard the LOVELO font is not really the lovelo font. I already tried deleting it and adding it again but it still doesn’t show the correct font. How can I fix this?? The LOVELO LINE is fine, but LOVELO alone is not right.

Here is my shared link:


Make sure your font weight is set to normal or whatever it’s set to in the dashboard. Lovelo actually has 2 styles, the double line and the sans serif style. Make sure you get the right one.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I have already tried that but the font doesn’t even display in the dashboard correctly. I uninstalled and reinstalled the font and changed the name to LOVEL to see if it would see the font correctly. But as you can see in the screenshot it doesn’t work. It’s not the right font.

I think you probably just have a bad font. I converted all 3 versions of lovelo, black, line light and line bold, for web. Make sure you upload all 4 versions of the type that you want. You can download them from my dropbox here

If you want the original otf files they are here:

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I had the same problem with the same font - I fixed it by just re-uploading the fonts and it all worked :smile:

Did that fix it or what???

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Your webfont worked. Yes, thank you very much!! I uploaded them and they show fine now. Thanks!!