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Live version is different from designer and editor mode

A strange bug is appearing today.
On this website: the navbar needs to be white but became grey. In the designer and editor the navaar is white and needs to be white.

Anyone has a idea:

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The nav’s white for me

. Were you able to fix it since posting?

Navbar is white for me as well.

Your browser may be using cached data to render the CSS. I’d recommend clearing you cache so your browser is forced to download the latest CSS.

Hi @sarahfrisonand @carlosdlt Thanks for taking a look at it. It is white again because I found and fixed the bug. For some reason a new class w-nav was added to my nav bar and overruled by class. I gave my nav the class w-nav and that fixed it.

Maybe Webflow is working on something that added this new nav-class to my project.

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Glad to hear it worked out! I’ll close this topic :slight_smile: