My navbar has turned grey?

My navbar has mysteriously turned grey. Our theme was based on the Noiceland theme and the navbar has always been white. Now it is grey, but only after site publish. In the preview and in the webflow designer it is not grey, it shows as white.

When I use Chrome to inspect the CSS, it shows that the class .w-nav has a default color of #ddd now; but the white color (#fff) is not applying, even though it is applied in the Nav symbol as the background-color.

Please help! My site is here:

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Did you happen to figure it out? I’m seeing a white navbar on the site you linked:

Thanks for the response! I disbled the css minification and that patched it for now. This is so weird! It just started; I’ve had minified css enabled since site launch in January!!

Hmmm that’s interesting but I’m glad to hear you got it looking as expected.

If you haven’t already, I’d take a moment to send a quick note to Webflow Support to make sure they’re aware of the issue—unfortunately they don’t monitor the Community for bugs so it may fly under the radar.

You can also do this in the project that’s being affected by clicking the ? icon in the lower left, Help & Feedback, and then “Send us feedback or a help request” :+1:

Same thing is happening to me. We have had at least 2 of our clients site do the exact same thing.

It looks fine in designer and then displays grey, one way i found to fix it was make a new colour swatch. One site the header was transparent but showing grey, so i selected a new color and made that transparent. The other had a green menu, i tried a few of the existing swatches and they were all showing grey so I made a new swatch, slightly different in color to the original and that fixed it.

Seeing the same issue with the Notable template (placeholder logo is Noiceland as OP mentioned). I just overrode by styling the .w-nav class in the site’s custom code but I am curious why this happened out of the blue?

Same problem here. Fixed it with site’s custom code in header

.w-nav {background: transparent;}
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Same issue on multiple projects. Also happens with sliders.

Helps changing your current ‘transparent’ property to any color with zero opacity. Apply for Navbar & Slider

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