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Styles are showing differently each time


I got problem with my site after publishing on webflow domain. All my styles are working in dev mode and on toggle website fuction. But when I publish it, my button and nav are messed up.

CTA: text is showed black instead of white
NAV: One nav text works fine and 2nd doesnt work on hover. Both are exactly same class.

Anyone experienced this as well? Thanks for help

Here is my site Read-Only:

HERE IS Published preview:

CTA works fine for me, your other link shows black because that’s how you styled its “visited” state.

Wow, on my PC CTA is black. On my mac its white.

On my PC nav links are different from my mac as well. Any idea why it differs on different devices and browsers? It never happened to me before. I only sotimes have problems with showing fonts on different devices. Non of it should happen, right?

I think it should be fine now that you also modified cta’s visited state to be white though. Can you explain what you mean by “my PC nav links are different from my mac”?

I ment it was different on my PC (windows - chrome browser) and my mac (safari browser).

I reuploaded it few times, made 0 changes besides deleting visited state on CTA button and now it works. Hopefully it will stay that way :). Thanks much for your time! There is much I can still learn, love it. I just dont like when I dont know, what went wrong, like now. I understand the visited state of the CTA button now. But dont know why It was displayed differently on my windows PC and my mac :man_shrugging:.

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Welp, this is something you will have to get used to. Stuff online sometimes do weird things. Sometimes its you, sometimes it is service you are using, sometimes it is alien shenanigans!

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