Can't change Nav Bar background to match color in preview/editing mode (desktop only)

Hello Webflow community,

Problem: The Nav bar background preview/editing mode is grey, but displays as white on the actual live website. I am having trouble changing the background color of the Nav Bar to match the editing version.

  • When seen in Preview mode, bar is still grey.

  • On actual website, the background disappears.

Tried everything I could, would love some help on this.

Read-only link:

Thank you!

Hi @madquestion,
Could you please update your post with a read-only link so that we can help you faster? link to published site would be useful too.
How to Share a Read-Only link to your site:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks for the reminder @sabanna!

First of all, I would suggest to move navigation out of slider on home page.

Then I got a problem when I tried to open “Terms” page. For some reason it doesn’t let me to see the page and I keep getting the message “Page not found”. Not sure if it is problem with Webflow app or you removed pages.

From what I can see on published site, on page “Terms” navbar has a settings: transparent background color. So I guess it is not set up correctly.


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