Quick easy copy live URL

Hey webFlow team.

If you could throw in a simple copy & paste button next to the sub-domain area
Publshing page / Sub-Domain

I have to copy and paste both separately, this just saves me time.

When you publish your project, you get a direct link to it. After clicking it, you can copy it from your URL bar in your browser =)

yup this would be really useful. when using custom domains the live URL still remains a webflow.com URL which makes it impossible to copy/paste the URL. this makes sending someone a link to a newly published page a real faff.

cc @thesergie

Ryan, Stuart ;)

As far as I’ve read on this forum Webflow is going to push something like that soon. I think it will be possible as you will be able to publish to website.webflow.com or yourdomain.com. Sergie wrote about this a couple of days ago.

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