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List, tables and script elements needed


It would be great to have some blocks in the webflow pannel for lists, tables and script elements, this way the user can customize his site better, and would be great to have more options under the link element like ‘rel:’ and ‘title’

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Can you show me an example of how you would use rel: and title? Also what d you mean by a block for script elements?

i would use rel and title for lightbox or other script


<a href="../img/bg1.jpg" rel="lightbox" title="the background i whant"><img src="../img/bg1.jpg" width="auto" height="100px" alt="the bg img" /></a>

and by script block the equivalent to <script></script> this way i can put scripts directly into the page.

Awesome thanks for the explanation. You can currently add <script></script> in the Embed element.

i know that and i used it. check it out

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Oh, so you would like <script></script> that doesn’t have to be inside of an <embed></embed>?

yes it would be great

+1 on the table widget!

I know tables are shunned as layout technique, but there’s legitimate use for them in other cases, like displaying tabular data. Using divs with classes row/column is a workaround, but not really the right way to go, especially because I’m forced to make each column align with the grid.

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