List item - dynamic content

Good morning!

Looking for solution how to prepare list-item web element to the career page.

like in the picture here:

Please any help how to do it?

Make a list with list items,
give the list item a class (e.g. bullet arrow, bullet point), now when you e.g. have an image like that arrow that is lets say 16x16 and you want to have a 10px padding between image and text, you ll have to add 16+10 as padding for that list item which is 26px.

Then give that list-item a background image, center it, define its width and height and voila.

Or do you mean how to set different list-items via the cms?

You may want to check this link to my preview and goto the 2nd site:

Right. I mean if it is possible to prepare list item via the cms for dynamic content.

So any advice? Please

Really dont know what youre looking for. You can define the image, that is used for the list items within the cms as well as the text. Then you have a list with whatever image the bullet image should be cause you can change it with the cms itself. Thats what the cms (CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) is for. Its not for building different types if list elements. Maybe you can be more specific of what you want. Cheers.