Style <li> inside rich text

I am using CMS to make posts and I would like list bullets to be styled with an image. Is this possible? The content in the CSM is Rich Text. I also added a class to target.

I tried adding to HEAD code, but it did not help.

.priority-detail-body li {
list-style-image: url(‘’);

Well hello there Homestar! How do you type with no arms? :wink:

As for your question, can you link your read-only link so we can look into the issue?

I cant share my site yet.

I am using CMS functionality and within a record I am using “Rich Text”, lets call the field “summary”. I want any

  • inside “summary” to be rendered with different bullet symbols. When the CMS data is pulled into a page I bind the “summary” data to a Rich Text component. I need to know how I can change the style of the bullets.

    What I tried so far was to apply a class that set the “list-style-image” attribute on any contained

  • s. It did not work.