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Cannot get the “ALL” link in my Nav menu on the projects page to link page to a specific section on my homepage. Currently, the “ALL” is a navigation link. When I added a link box to the container, it moved my menu from the left to the right and was not able to edit it.

I am also have difficultly with the social media links. I set up the URL, but when I preview it, a blank webflow page opens up.

Any advice?

Hi @hawkinsmc, thanks a lot for the question :slight_smile: Could you include some screenshots of the link in question and the social links you are trying to get working? Is this issue happening on the home page?


Hi Dave! Thanks for getting back to me. The social links are working now, but I am still having trouble with the links. I am also have another issue with the banner images. I have given each banner a specific class name so that when I change one, it will not edit the other one, BUT both are getting changed when I edit one. Does that make sense? Not sure what to do here…
As for the link, the “ALL” link in on my portfolio page and I want it to link back to the homepage, but specifically the “WORK” section of the homepage. Is that doable? Basically I want someone to be able to go back to my selection of works that are located on the homepage below the fold, without having to scroll down to get to them. Here are some screenshots

Tried uploading the homepage screenshot but the file is too big…

Hi @hawkinsmc, thanks for the update :slight_smile: To make a link to another section on a page, use a format like:

/#Work for the home page

and /page#Work if the page was not on the home page.

Links to sections on other page do not work in preview mode.

Can you let me know, what kind of change you were trying to make to the banner image class, where the change affected both images?


Hi Dave!
So I’m not sure what the URL will be for the “work” section. I just have webflow address right now… the link you posted above is not working. Would you mind sending a video?

I’d like to change the background image to the Instagram page (it currently has the picture of a street that I am using for my Allstate project). Here are the screenshots of both page so you can see how I’ve set-up classes. When I change the image on one page (eg. Instagram), it changes it on the other page (eg. Allstate). But this is only happening for these two projects. Somehow the banner image in linked up.

Hi @hawkinsmc, thanks for the update, sorry for the delay :-/ Could you check the read-only link, that does not appear to be working at the moment ?


is this working for you?

Hi @hawkinsmc, I am just checking to see if you are still having issues with the background pictures? I see those seem to be ok on both the Allstate page and the instagram page,


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