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Linking to section on home page from other pages


I am having trouble linking back to sections on the home page from other pages via the nav bar. I have tried putting /Home#about in the url section of the About link. However, when the About link is clicked I get a 404 saying Home does not exist.

This is the work in progress site

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



When your site is published your home page is your root URL. So “” will link back to the about section on your home page from any other page.

Thanks for your reply Alex.

I had actually tried this previously but found it didn’t work when in preview mode. The page just goes white which made me assume it wasn’t working. However, testing it again it does work when I try through the live site (although still not in preview). This seems a bit odd and a little confusing.

Oddly, I can’t seem to get it to work for the Testimonial link. This is the link:-

It functions as it should when on the home page (which contains the testimonials section) but when on another page it links to:-

This is a page which doesn’t exist. I don’t know where this link is coming from so can’t delete.

Be grateful for any help.


Hmm that’s odd. Do you have the newest version of your site published?

seems like the ID’s are case sensitive << (capital “T”)

ID’s are always case sensitive for anchor linking, at least in my experience, have you seen it where it isn’t case sensitive @PixelGeek? I had to find out the hard way once when an important link didn’t go to the anchor.

BTW @sparky your site is beautiful :slight_smile: really like the interactions/hover effects used. :slight_smile: Nice work!

Thanks all for your help!

The links are now working correctly when tested on the live site. However, the same links to a section on a different page don’t work when viewed through preview mode. Presumably they should? It’s not the end of the world as I can test through live site but would be more convenient if didn’t have to publish each time I make a change to test it. Can anyone see what I’m missing here?

p.s Thanks @Waldo_Broodryk! Glad you like how it’s coming along. Love using Webflow and as a designer, it’s already making my life easier.

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The preview mode only allows you to do so much and often has issues with linking to other pages/some links or interactions in the preview mode simply don’t work (will pop open another tab on your browser sometimes and do the action in the tab you had open initially haha).

I recommend that you ALWAYS publish changes to the staging link and test there until you’re happy, and then publish to your main site once you’re happy :slight_smile: the staging feature from webflow is a phenomenal feature to have with unlimited publishing :smile: use it!!! Haha

P.s. Webflow is da bomb diggity :smile: aka it ROCKS!!! :smile:

Ah! I see. Ok, great; thanks for that. I think trying to get it to work in Preview mode was my main issue.

Appreciate you taking the time to help out!

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My pleasure :slight_smile: always happy to help :slight_smile: let me know if you have any other questions. Also available at :smile:

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Hi @sparky, those section links to other pages sections, will only work in published mode at the moment :slight_smile: You are doing nothing wrong :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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