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Linking Tab content to a different tab

I need help linking tabs from the tab content. If you scroll down to the tab section (The Problem / Opportunity / solution), if you look at the content you will see a button that looks like it links to a tab but actually is a replica page. This is messy and bad practice. Does anyone know how I can link ot to the tab so I can do away with the replica pages?

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Hi @Roxzfr,
Did you get the links working? It was kind of hard to understand what you’re trying to do.

Hi @garymichael1313, no i didn’t.

Basically rather than have three replica pages I want one page where the button at the bottom links to a tab not the replica page. I have in fairness made it as complicated as possible!!

So you’re talking about “The” problem, opportunity, solution tabs right? If that’s the case, that’s pretty simple to do in one ‘panel’.

You will need interactions. In essence, you will content in 3 different divs, stacked on top of each other. One can fade out, the other shows, and so forth.

Is that something you’re trying to do?

Thank you - yes - that sounds about right. But it sounds pretty complicated?

Well… it’s an involved interaction but possible to do. How much time do you have? Are you trying to get it done fast?

I have the work around and so far the client hasn’t noticed, they might never, but I would rather have it right.